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"Proficient speaking and listening make you more successful."

Professional Trainings and Coaching

Proficient speaking and listening make you more successful.
To be successful you need to interact with people. Speaking and listening. You are competing daily with other speakers and listeners.
With Stephan Siegel’s Professional Speaking trainings, you will become a more confident speaker and a more receptive listener.  

Influence and engage others
Obtain the job you want, pitch your ideas successfully, and sell your product
Increase your network and entertain meaningful relationships
You will be the one others want to listen to.
Improve yourself now and benefit forever.
How To Book A Training?

It is easy:
1. Look at the available training modules
2. Send and inquiry stating what you are interested in
3. We get in touch and tailor a program with you: Modules, time, and location
Select and combine the training modules according to your needs.
Public Speaking
A one-day training in mastering your voice and body language

Learn the techniques on how to use your voice.
Practice to speak with impact.
Master your body language to control your appearance.
Compassionate Communication
A one-day training in effective listening and speaking

Learn how to achieve the maximum in a conversation for yourself and for the others.
Recognize that the way you normally speak is inadequate, consciously interrupt your speaking and listening habits, and replace them with new and effective ones.
Active Listening
A one-day training in effective listening

Learn how to listen to your conversation partner with interest, respond and signal your attention. Master the techniques of attention reactions to show the conversation partner that you are actively listening.
Clear Communication
A training in clear communication to support clear and structured thinking

Learn to:
Think long, prepare meticulously, speak concisely
Create convincing content
Use clear language to create facts
Create impact and get to an agreement
Job Interview
Individual preparation for job interviews to maximise your chances

Prepare, practice and spar with a coach, conduct dry runs, and train for case studies.
Stephan Siegel

20+ years’ of experience in international companies in speaking, presenting and training.
Public Office
Thought Leader
Holds a Master Economics from University of Basel

I know from years of experience what it takes in the professional work space and public life to be a successful speaker. When I train people in professional speaking they improve and recognize their success immediately.

My industry experiences
Your success depends on your ability to listen & speak.
5% is talent, 15% is knowledge, and 80% is practice.
Are you interested in a training?
Let us know what you are looking for. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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